HIPAA One: Software for Minimizing ePHI Breaches

HIPAA One: Software for Minimizing ePHI Breaches

Failure in complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule has increased electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) breaches drastically of late. As per ePHI Data Breaches 2014, approximately 9 million patients—over 1000 patients per hour—were affected last year. Facing a similar problem, San Juan Health Services—a firm built to securely store patient’s details—failed to comply with HIPAA Security Rule for electronically protecting health information. The health service provider was in desperate requirement of HIPAA Security Risk Analysis for its newly developed Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. The healthcare agency then adopted HIPAA One, a HIPAA Security Analysis software, to stay compliant with the Security Rule. HIPAA One allows its customers to attest to Meaningful Use and securely store their patient information. “Within a week of its implementation, the HIPAA One Security Analysis software successfully lowered San Juan’s EMR Security Risk and helped them stay compliant,” says Steven Marco, Founder, HIPAA One.

Being a leader of HIPAA security compliance software, HIPAA One aims at improving patient care, driving higher revenue, and reducing cost by simple, automated and affordable HIPAA Security and Privacy Analysis software. “We at HIPAA One understand and deal with patients fearing unprepared immanent Office of Civil Rights (OCR) investigation which often results in time-consuming medical processes, heavy fines or public declaration of personal information,” explains Marco.

In order to diminish these medical complications, HIPAA One, with its automated HIPAA Compliance software enables enterprises to identify threats, threat agents, and vulnerability analysis. “Our goal is to be the resource for seasoned audit professionals for third party assurances and enterprises seeking a solid foundation in HIPAA Compliance,” says Marco. Based at Lindon, UT, HIPAA One focuses on improving security systems within medical organizations and providing best-in-class software and consulting services for reducing ePHI breaches.

“Our software services deliver a well-planned engagement process which maximizes customer success by reducing liability and improving security,” says Marco. HIPAA One’s web-based onsite HIPAA Security Risk Analysis software offers healthcare companies a complete suite of consistent and qualitative services to reduce liability and improve security.

“We are successful in doing so, by conducting periodic penetration testing and quarterly vulnerability scanning to ensure secure application coding practices on our platform,” says Marco. Furthermore, HIPAA One focuses on minimizing problems the healthcare industry undergoes by providing a secure, fast, and compliant solution. HIPAA One is currently building HIPAA Privacy Risk Analysis, a next generation feature that provides simple, automatic, and quick high-risk vulnerabilities with a real-world action plan.

HIPAA One’s team of penetration testers and security experts simulate, identify, and manage attacks from an outside and unauthenticated user-account. “Our unique automated HIPAA Compliance software and services specialize in assessment, application architecture review, white box web application security assessment, and HIPAA risk analysis,” explains Marco.

Our solutions and services deliver a well-planned engagement process which maximizes success by reducing liability and improving security

Unlike other HIPAA Compliance software and service providers, HIPAA One not only identifies gaps and weaknesses within the healthcare system, but also scans for vulnerabilities caused by hackers.

Additionally, the firm updates software every time there’s a change in legislation and regulatory mandates of the HIPAA Security Rule. These features enable HIPAA One customers to regularly check for vulnerabilities—securing the network and private information from unauthorized access. “We plan to offer the best and most consistent services and software for protecting our customers from adding to the unending list of Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Breaches,” concludes Marco