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GPO: Technology Consolidation to Enhance RCM
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The healthcare sector is escalating to new levels with the advent of technologies which offer enhanced care to patients. The increased demand and the importance of technology in the healthcare sector have increased the basic standard that is...

Will HIMSS 18 Mourn the Passing of the Traditional Office Visit?
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Donald Voltz, MD, Aultman Hospital Department of Anesthesiology

New requirements for implementing HIT systems are changing as new health IT priorities and procedures emerge. Convergence in the healthcare sector is accelerating the need for interoperability, not just for Electronic Health Records (EHR), but...

Finding the Right Revenue Cycle System for Your Organization
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David Chou, CIO & CDO and Ashlee Teater, Sr. Director, Business Systems, Children's Mercy Hospital

In the healthcare industry, the complexity of billing has grown substantially over recent years. Revenue Cycle system vendors have invested heavily to keep their technology relevant, continuing to focus on pushing clean claims (no touches) out the...

Integrating Revenue Cycle Data with the Patient Record
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Patti Consolver, Senior Director, Patient Access, Texas Health Resources

While clinical details of patient care are documented and accessible through the EHR, activity surrounding the revenue cycle does not always receive the same degree of documentation. Data collection occurs at every point of the patient encounter,...

Why Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Makes Sense for Healthcare Systems
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Bryan Bliven, CIO, University of Missouri Health Care

The old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has never made much sense for healthcare systems. There are always improvements to consider when it comes to providing patient care. As the Chief Information Officer &...

Telehealth and Challenges in Reimbursement
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Lynn Gibson, Chief Technology Officer/VP, CHRISTUS Health

To borrow from the opening lines of the 70’s TV show “Six Million Dollar Man”—we have the technology, we have the capability—well that is almost where we are with telehealth today but we are still fighting one big...

Miscalculating the Cost of Waiting
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Tracy Lemoine, SVP & CMO, XTRAC Solutions, a Fidelity Investments Company

Generally speaking, it’s not hard to convince people of the value of preemptive action. Most readily understand that it’s better to get your teeth cleaned regularly than to wait until you need dental surgery. Few will dispute you need...

Challenges Facing CIOs in the K-12 Industry
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Bill Caritj, Chief Accountability & Information Officer, Atlanta Public Schools

Both outside and inside the K-12 industry, most people think of schools in relation to their own communities and experiences. These experiences have evolved over the past several decades from classrooms, teachers, blackboards and football games to...

Adjusting to a Whole New Real-IT
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Deborah Norton, CIO & SVP of Operations, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

The health insurance industry today faces rising treatment costs, increasing consumer demands, and a highly competitive marketplace. Further, new regulatory and compliance requirements stemming from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) create a need for...

Methodical Approach for Convergence of Revenue Cycle Management into Healthcare Arena
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Cletis Earle, CIO, Kaleida Health

The healthcare arena has witnessed a rapid transformation over the last decade, bringing in an amalgamation of technologies such as the Cloud, Analytics, IoT, and the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). The healthcare providers and organizations have...

Zoeticx and WellTrackONE TeamUp to Lead Advancement in the Healthcare Industry
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SAN JOSE, CA: Zoeticx and WellTrackONE join hands to integrate Zoeticx’s Patient-Clarity platform software and WellTrackONE’s Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) patient reports and associated medical data to any EHR, Health Information...

DaVincian Utilizes OnRamp's Solution to Ensure HIPAA Compliance
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FREMONT, CA: Healthcare industry generates enormous sensitive data which need to be protected in an extremely secure location. Addressing this challenge, OnRamp, a data center operations company, releases the addition of DaVincian Healthcare as...

CompuGroup Medical US: Intelligent IT in the Healthcare Sector
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Benedikt Brueckle, CEO Brandon Franklin, VP of RCM

Provides modern IT solutions which are in conjunction with the latest developments in the field of medicine and meet the needs of the healthcare sector

Edelberg & Associates: A New Era in the Medical Coding Landscape
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Caral Edelberg, Founder, Chairperson & CEO

Focused on the areas of medical coding, compliance, and education with the goal of increasing revenue for its healthcare-providing customers

WCH Service Bureau: All-Inclusive EHR Platform Integrated with Billing System
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Olga Khabinskay, COO

Specializes in medical billing, credentialing, software development, and offers EHR and Billing management in one system

Cerner [NASDAQ: CERN]: Integrated, Clinically Driven RCM Solutions
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James English, Vice President & General Manager at Cerner RevWorks

Leading supplier of integrated healthcare RCM solutions and services designed to help optimize clinical and financial outcomes

Enhanced Revenue Solutions: Fostering Unparalleled Revenue Enhancement
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Kristeen Coronado, President & CEO

Provides medical billing support and services to health systems, hospitals, and physician practices

Signature Performance: Reforming Healthcare Revenue Management
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Chris Vairo, Chief Revenue Officer

A pioneer of outsourced revenue management services for the healthcare market

MTBC [NASDAQ: MTBC]: Adding a New Dimension to Healthcare IT
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Al Nardi, VP Strategic Initiatives

Offers a comprehensive product portfolio of fully integrated WebEHR, revenue cycle and practice management solutions

JTS Health Partners: Redefining High-Quality Client Service in RCM
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Thomas D. Stewart, Jr., Co-Founder, President & CEO

A healthcare professional services firm. Specializing in health information management, revenue cycle management, advisory, analytics and genomics services
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