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Start-ups and "Walled Gardens" of Healthcare IT
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Scott Taylor, Medical Director - Service Excellence, MultiCare Health System

In February 2018, I served on a panel at Cambia Grove in Seattle. This was part of a series for healthcare technology start-ups, discussing healthcare verticals. As a practicing emergency physician with MultiCare Health System, it was fascinating...

Medical Device Security and Governance
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Asadullah Khan, Clinical Engineering Director, Aramark Healthcare

Cybersecurity is an emerging field in healthcare technology management and it is also one of the top most concern for healthcare organizations. In the last decade, healthcare technology has transformed from mostly discrete medical devices to...

Improving Healthcare Cybersecurity
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As healthcare systems continuously adapt to newer technology in the attempt to provide better care to patients, cybersecurity becomes a rising concern. While data breaches in the healthcare sector are not covered as extensively as those in the...

Curbing Healthcare Security Lapse
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A stranger snooping into or blocking your medical information is the utmost terrifying thing. Pop star Britney Spears’ breach of medical records in 2005 caused a media frenzy much like her music releases did back then. Medical workers were...

Security: The Cloud's Ace in the Hole, Not Its Achilles Heel And in Healthcare, the Cloud is Not Only Secure-It Costs Less
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Adam Stern, President & CEO, Infinitely Virtual

In the cloud’s infancy, cloud hosting providers touted scalability, initial cost savings and speed. But the prospect of enhanced security in the cloud—indeed, that the better cloud deployments now mean that data is safer in the cloud...

Security Risk Behind Healthcare IoT devices
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Healthcare sector has become the recent target of cyber attacks, data breaches, and Ransomware. Recent surveys by the Internet of Things (IoT) security firm ZingBox, found that imaging systems are the reason behind most of the security issues, as...

FDA's Digital Transformation
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Todd Simpson, CIO, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices and by ensuring the safety of our...

Security and Dealing with Legacy Systems
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Sean Updegrove, CTO, Keck Medicine of USC

There will Always be Legacy Systems that Need to be Secured. It is well known in the industry that technology professionals prefer to keep the fact under wraps that legacy systems will always be around. Although we don’t like to talk...

Unique Management Challenges in IT
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Ken Stone, Director of Information Systems, Gila Regional Medical Center

How often have you had to deal with a crotchety admin, or an academic who does it all by the book, or worse - the loose wheel who is sure he knows it all? If your experience is anything like mine, there is at least one of these folks on every...

Adjusting to a Whole New Real-IT
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Deborah Norton, CIO & SVP of Operations, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

The health insurance industry today faces rising treatment costs, increasing consumer demands, and a highly competitive marketplace. Further, new regulatory and compliance requirements stemming from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) create a need for...

Embracing Change: The Healthcare Industry Focuses on Latest Progress Drivers
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Aaron Miri, CIO, Walnut Hill Medical Center

Challenges in the Current Industry and Solutions From Walnut Hill’s hospital of the future perspective, our biggest challenge is ensuring that technology is consistently agile and patient centric enough to enable our clinicians to...

Putting Together Cloud Based ERP and Health Care
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John Jay Kenagy, PhD, SVP & CIO

For years now we have engaged in the debate regarding Cloud based services and whether they can be adequately reliable and secure. We have asked ourselves if ‘the cloud’ can stand up to our data centers that we have fed, nurtured, and...

EDCO Unveils Solarity 4.0 to Reduce Possibility of Mismatch Patients' Documents
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SAINT LOUIS, MO: EDCO Health Information Solutions – a provider of healthcare management solutions and services – announces the upgrade to its medical record scanning and indexing software, Solarity with reduction of error in filing...

Global Telehealth Services: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Virtual Health
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Michael Miller, CEO

VirtualHealth is a technology agnostic middleware platform providing real-time, actionable data, patient health monitoring, and virtual visits customized with health modules designed to create better patient health outcomes...

Royal Solutions: Making Healthcare Patient Centric
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Peter Nassif, CEO

A leading provider of SaaS-based solutions offering holistic information management platforms for complete patient engagement

MedTunnel: Secure Communication for Healthcare
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Kishore Tipirneni, M.D CEO

MedTunnel is a free service that provides secure HIPAA compliant communication for healthcare that allows providers and patients to communicate securely

Emergent Connect: Architects of Zero Footprint Imaging Solutions
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Mike Spears, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Delivers enterprise-grade radiology solutions designed to support the strategic initiatives of healthcare organizations

Innovaccer: The Operating System that Powers Healthcare
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Abhinav Shashank, Co-founder & CEO

Provides a platform that helps healthcare organizations transition into a value-based world through better analytics

ClearDATA: Transforming Healthcare Industry by Removing Technological Barriers
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Darin Brannan, President, CEO & Co-Founder

Provider of healthcare cloud computing and information security services.
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