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Maintaining a Patient-Focused Community Pharmacy with Consumer Technology
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Dale Danilewitz, Executive Vice President and CIO, AmerisourceBergen

The role of pharmacists is changing as they are increasingly becoming the first line of defense for patients in need of answers regarding their treatment plans, medications and other health and wellness-related questions. Nowhere is this felt more...

Rethinking Collaboration to Secure Medical Devices
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Jason Johnson, Information Security Officer, Marin General Hospital

Today’s hospitals and healthcare facilities have thousands of connected medical devices; that number will only grow in the coming years. Many others have written about why this is a critical problem and, if you were unfamiliar, I would...

Towards a Digital Customer Journey
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Kristin Myers, SVP-Technology, Mount Sinai Health System

There have been many disruptions over the last decade in the field of healthcare technology, however many hospitals and health systems are not prepared for the digital disruption from a business strategy or workforce perspective. The rate of...

Blockchain Approach to Cybersecurity
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In a digital environment where cybersecurity faces profound challenges going forward, trust is the key to every business venture. Lately, blockchain has been on a steamroll in innovating the tech field. Blockchain’s approach to storing and...

Building Optimal Security in the Healthcare Continuum
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Over the last years, the healthcare industry has been amongst the prime targets for hackers. Patients are often dealing with life-threatening conditions, exchanging large amounts of money, and financial information, and they want to be assured of...

Connected Healthcare and Patient Engagement
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As healthcare technology permeates the medical industry, experts continue to evaluate the impact of connected health tools on patient engagement and the overall patient experience. Connected Health encompasses wireless, digital, electronic,...

Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Landscape
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Joey Johnson, CISO, Premise Health

It’s no secret healthcare has struggled to keep up with a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. It’s a challenge for every business and industry, but healthcare companies have unique concerns. They deal with extremely sensitive...

A Unique Web-Based Opportunity For Accredited Investors
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Nin Desai, CEO, NIN Ventures

The Crowdfunding industry has grown from $16 billion in 2014 to an estimated $34 billion in 2015. However, many still wonder, what is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising contributions from a large number of...

DNA Dynamics, Inc. Launches Blockchain Cyber Defense Security Division
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NEW YORK (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Via OTC PR Wire -- DNA Dynamics, Inc. (USOTC:DNAD) announces today that, under their Blockchain specific subsidiary 'Blockchain DNA LLC', that they have begun to start work on building a novel crypto security...

The Tao of Cyber Security in today's reality
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Marc DeNarie, CIO, NaturEner USA & Canada

Undefined Terror… …consumes any cyber security professional, incident response personnelor senior executive when hearing the dreaded word “hacked”. At least this was the case some years ago. In today’s world, not...

Flight Simulators Allow Crew Training to Aim for Perfection
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Dan Littmann, Flight Dynamics Manager, FlightSafety International

Several years ago I was a passenger on a flight from Houston to Tulsa. As we were climbing away from the airport while still in the clouds the aircraft suddenly leveled off and the engines were pulled back. I immediately sensed that something was...

To Pay or Not to Pay, That is the Question
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Bryan Smalley, Enterprise Security Architect, Orlando Health

  Note: “Healthcare Tech Outlook incorrectly listed Mr. Smalley’s job title in the original article as “Director IT/Client Technical Services”. This has been corrected to reflect his correct job title at the time” Healthcare and...

Overcoming the Timeless Risk of Human Behavior
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Geoff Brown, CIO, Piedmont Healthcare

As recently as twelve years ago, security in healthcare was a far cry from what we know today. For many Chief Information Officers, security strategy wasn't a top-of-mind conversation and drilling down to specifics was rare. It certainly...

Cybersecurity - A Proactive Approach to Securing Information
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Chad Wilson, Director, IT Security, Children's National Health System

An ideal healthcare system involves open doors, where no patients are denied admission or treatment. An ideal healthcarecybersecurity system, however, requires a closed-door setup with maximum securityto protect the confidential business and...

Healthcare Data Security is Decades Behind: How it Must Catch Up
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James Carder, CISO, LogRhythm

Cybercrime is on the rise in 2015, dubbed “the year of the healthcare hack” as healthcare providers receive federal incentives to implement new Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. These new systems make the healthcare industry an...

Multi-factor Authentication
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Phil Curran, Chief Information Assurance & Privacy Officer, Cooper University Hospital

In today’s mobile world, our users are demanding access to information from anywhere, from any device at any time. And one more relatively new factor: on any app they want. Security professionals should agree that a username and password...

1SEO Tech: Accessing Data Securely
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Scott Fcasni, President

Works with clients to assess their unique IT needs and provide the best-customized recommendations to achieve objectives and reduce risks, while staying updated on industry trends

Lunarline: A Full Spectrum Cybersecurity Pioneer
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Waylon Krush, Co-Founder & CEO

A full spectrum cybersecurity firm that offers services ranging from advanced malware assessments, penetration testing, to cybersecurity training for government agencies, healthcare and private sector communities

Electronic Health Network: Interoperability through best-of-breed healthcare software
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Charles Williams Jr., CEO & Co-founder & Aadli Abdul Kareem, CEO & Co-founder

Provides a robust platform for interoperability of patient health information through the MINT Connect and MINT Cloud
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