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Technologies in the Hospital & Healthcare Sector
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Roni H. Amiel, CIO/CISO, Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Healthcare expenditure control is the main focus of healthcare systems globally. However, the emerging technology trends continue to offer opportunities to organizations where, operations, financial and the clinical areas can benefit and...

IT and the Changing Healthcare Front
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Doris Peek, CIO, Broward Health

The past few years have seen many changes in the healthcare industry, including new business models such as the Accountable Care Organization (ACO). The fundamental aim of an ACO is to create a coordinated care process across the patient...

Translo: A Patient-centric Biomedical Data Sharing Platform Built to Accelerate Clinical Trials
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Kamran Z. Khan, Co-founder & CEO

Creates interoperability, incentives, and a mechanism for sharing data on a decentralized, transparent, and auditable biomedical data exchange platform

Lunarline: A Full Spectrum Cybersecurity Pioneer
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Waylon Krush, Co-Founder & CEO

A full spectrum cybersecurity firm that offers services ranging from advanced malware assessments, penetration testing, to cybersecurity training for government agencies, healthcare and private sector communities

Biovotion: Actionable Information for Patient and Provider
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Andreas Caduff, CEO

Biovotion provides solutions that integrate medical grade quality and reliability with ease-of-use for increasingly consumerising healthcare markets

ETIAM: Connecting Healthcare Professionals in Real-Time
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Eric Le Bihan, CEO

Allows health professionals to enrich, store, visualize and share the patient medical record within and outside the hospital, in real time

SecurityMetrics: Integrated Risk Analysis To Meet Healthcare Compliance
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Brad Caldwell, Founder & CEO

Provider and innovator in compliance and payment data security and for businesses worldwide to enable them with financial, government, and healthcare mandates

CitiusTech: Solutions to Enhance Tech Adoption in Healthcare
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Rizwan Koita, CEO

A leading healthcare technology services and solutions provider.
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