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New Mexico Hospital Battles Addiction with Health Information Technology Apps
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Donald Voltz, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, Medical Director of the Main Operating Room, Aultman Hospital

McKinley County, New Mexico, is the namesake of the assassinated 25th U.S. President William McKinley. Many locals, particularly those Native Americans of Navajo decent living on reservations, have also been the victim of assassination, but in...

Will HIMSS 18 Mourn the Passing of the Traditional Office Visit?
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Donald Voltz, MD, Aultman Hospital Department of Anesthesiology

New requirements for implementing HIT systems are changing as new health IT priorities and procedures emerge. Convergence in the healthcare sector is accelerating the need for interoperability, not just for Electronic Health Records (EHR), but...

Unleashing the true potential of digital medicine
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As technology evolves, so does the world around it. Today, doctors and physicians are presented a wide range of opportunities where technology assists in improving patient care and bring out the true potential of digital medicine. The additional...

This is how Blockchain Will Benefit the Healthcare Industry
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Blockchain continues to maintain its hype in the healthcare sector as well as it has the potential to transform patient records, medical data, and billing in a digital format which has proven to be more convenient and easily accessible for both...

Providing Valuable Care to Joint Replacement Patients
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John Cherf, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, Advocate IMMC

These are exciting but uncertain times for the field of orthopedics, particularly major joint replacements. As rapid changes in policy, sites of care and technologies (both for implants and ancillary products) reshape the landscape, health...

Technological Innovations and Patient-Centered Care
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Michael G. Hunt, Ex-President & CEO, St. Vincent’s Health Partners, Inc.

Secretary Alex Azar, Health and Human Services, spoke on March 5th, 2018, at the Federation of American Hospitals. His presentation reaffirmed CMS’ commitment to value-based transformation. He said, “there is no turning back to an...

PrescribeWellness Names Patty Kumbera as Chief Operating Officer
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Irvine, California - PrescribeWellness, a leading cloud-based patient relationship management solutions company that inspires collaboration between pharmacies, payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies, and their patients for better health,...

Cerner and Lumeris Will Launch Offering to Reduce Complexities for Health Systems Delivering Value-Based Care
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Collaboration will create an EHR-agnostic offering, Maestro Advantage(TM), designed to help providers who participate in value-based arrangements, including Medicare Advantage and provider-sponsored health plans, control costs and improve outcomes...

Learnings from the Journey: Challenges to Interoperability in Health IT-A Piece for the Uninitiated
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Rachael Britt-McGraw, CIO, Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance

I’ve been fortunate to work in the field of Information Technology for over 25 years now, serving within virtually every discipline of IT for some of the world’s largest companies and across many different industries. When I came...

Continued Collaboration In Healthcare
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Dr. Steven k. Magid, MD, CMIO, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)

The separation of the pharmacist’s role from the healer’s is probably a relatively modern concept. In many cultures, it was the knowledge of medicinals that made the “Medicine Man” a healer. As the role of the pharmacist...

The Challenges and Opportunities in the Current Healthcare Technology Market. Buckle Up!
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Dr. Luis Saldana, Chief Medical Information Officer, Texas Health Resources

As a world, we are caught up in an exciting period of rapid technological advances and innovations. And healthcare is similarly in a period of rapid innovation and technological advances. So how do these two trends merge or connect? Does every...

Transitioning from Volume-Based to Value-Based Healthcare
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Susan Hawkins, SVP, Population Health, Henry Ford Health System

Summary In today’s national landscape, healthcare organizations are being pressured by consumers and purchasers to compete on value: high quality health outcomes, excellent experiences, and lower costs. Integrated delivery systems must be...

First Process, Then Tech: How HCC Coding can Close Gaps in Care
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Peggy Chou, Medical Director of Medical Management, Atrius Health

As healthcare organizations shift toward value-based contracting, accurately representing the health status of their patient population is key to receiving revenue that would compensate them fairly for the care of their patients. Most value-based...

Going Digital: Driving Healthcare Transformation through Emerging Technology
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Vindell Washington, CMO & SVP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

In today’s digital world, people handle the majority of their business and personal needs online. Increasingly, people expect to handle healthcare needs digitally as well. Spurred by new public demand, healthcare is rapidly moving into...

Mastering the Art of Leadership
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Armin Roeseler, CIO, Swanson Health Products

Highlights of Your Journey in the Industry I have been in the technology arena for my entire career. In the last 12 years, I have had the opportunity to be part of the C-suite of international financial services companies, research...

Sharing Expertise through Telemedicine
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Todd Vento, Medical Director for the Infectious Diseases Telehealth Program, Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare has embarked on a remarkable journey of extending its telemedicine consultation program to infectious disease (ID) conditions, helping sixteen hospitals in its system and beyond. 1. Give us an overview of this...

EHR Optimization-making the EHR Work for Physicians
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Luis Saldana, CMIO, Texas Health Resources

Background Healthcare remains a hot topic in the media and in daily conversations. Within those conversations are threads about the crisis of physician burnout. This trend emerges within a period of rapid change in healthcare, which has...

Telehealth: Tomorrow's Breakthrough Challenged by Today's Problems
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Victor Camlek, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Telehealth, sometimes referred to as telemedicine, is a combination of telecommunications services combined with advanced medical device technology and cloud-based platforms used to deliver healthcare to patients not in the same physical...

The New Frontier for Healthcare Analytics
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Benson Hsu, VP, Data and Analytics, Sanford Health

Healthcare analytics is in its infancy. Most organizations lack a cohesive data strategy and even fewer have effectively integrated analytics into the care delivery process, with most using analytics in one-off projects. For the majority of...

Increasing Value to Patients with Data & Analytics
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Charlton Park, Chief Analytics Officer, University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics

How to increase value is a question all health care providers are facing. The transformation that is necessary will require all providers to improve clinical outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and, at the same time, reduce patient care...
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